At ROUTHIER, Bakery Equipments, we invite our customers to experience the artistry of baking firsthand in our stunning showroom located on the south shore of Montreal. Step into a world of culinary excellence as you explore our expansive display of bakery equipment, meticulously arranged to inspire your creativity and elevate your baking endeavors.

From deck ovens to dough spiral mixers, our showroom showcases the latest innovations in bakery technology, allowing you to see, touch, and test each piece of equipment before making your selection. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to provide expert guidance and assistance, ensuring you find the perfect tools to optimize your baking.

Whether you're a hard working baker or a budding entrepreneur, our showroom is a haven for anyone passionate about the art of baking. Come visit us at ROUTHIER, where every visit will give ideas of how to optimize your baking.