Belshaw EZMELT34 Shortening Melter-Filter

Belshaw EZMELT34 Shortening Melter-Filter

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EZMELT24 SHORTENING MELTER-FILTER Fast, effective filtration for 624 and 724CG/FG fryers. Melts, filters and tops up fryer shortening. The quiet hero of your 624 or 724 system, EZMelt is simple and efficient. It inserts directly below your fryer. Need to top up shortening in the fryer? Push the pedal and it's done. Want to add a solid block of shortening? Put the cube on the cube cutter. Time to filter out debris and fine particulates? 1 -2 minutes and it's over. Want to empty the filter mesh? Just tip the contents into any waste container. The EZMelt filtration system is the only filtration system recommended if you use Trans Fat-free shortening! Belshaw's SF models filters do not heat shortening and can clog inside the pump.


Use with624, 724CG-FG
CertificationUL, CSA, NSF, CE