Pavailler Topaze L10

Pavailler Topaze L10

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TOPAZE OPERA This ventilated oven will be your perfect ally for your pastries, snack pieces and breads. Expert as a pastry oven with its Fine crust system and easy-touch control, it will be able to adapt to the baking of your pastries and the most delicate products like macaroons, meringue or choux pastry. TOPAZE OPERA is the ultimate versatile convection oven : adapted to the production of pastries, viennoiseries, snacking products and breads, the excellent air flow between the levels allows your products to develop fully and guarantees an even baking thoughout the whole baking chamber. - Energy saving: This oven has a reinforced thermal insulation with rock wool panels that ensure an excellent energy efficiency, without heat losses. The double glazing of the door contributes to the good insulation of the oven - Fine Crust technology: This technique creates an intake of fresh air inside the chamber in order to manage the humidity level and boost the development and drying of products such as choux pastry. - easy-touch control: A new modern and intuitive control panel for an easy management of the baking of your bread. It combines a recipe book, access to an economic mode for your electricity consumption, and easy adjustment. - Easy to clean: as well as the silk-screen printed glass, are easy and quick to clean without difficulties with only a wet cloth.The interior glass door can be opened without any tools, allowing a deep cleaning. - Regular : the meticulous conception of TOPAZE OPERA’s baking chamber allows an homogeneous circulation of the hot air, in each corner of the chamber, thanks to turbines located on the back panel. - Efficient: The insulation of the baking chamber ensures an excellent energy efficiency while preventing from heat dispersion and enabling a perfect baking of your products. - Expert: the Fine Crust and Easy-Touch technologies allow you to adapt the baking of your pastries and the most delicate products such as macaroons, meringue or choux pastry. - Safety: the double glazing provides a thermal break system, preventing any risk of burning by reducing the surface temperature outside the door. - Control: thanks to the easy-touch control, you can control the steam injection, the ventilation speed, the baking levels and save energy. In addition, the Fine Crust technology allows you to control the dehumidification. Topaze Opéra Oven The new OPERA design is modern and striking. Elegant and easy to clean, this oven is part of a quality process focused on tomorrow’s trends and challenges. The TOPAZE OPERA offers models from 4 levels (that can be adapted to 5 levels when baking pastries or other non voluminous products) to 10 levels. They receive baking trays or grids of size 400×600 mm or 400×800 (entry direction 400).