CFI Rack Blast Freezer

CFI Rack Blast Freezer

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RACK BLAST FREEZER SCH rack blast freezers are designed for cooling and rapid freezing of products before conservation. Size - 1 to 4 400×600 mm racks - 1 to 4 600×800 mm racks Design - A 304 stainless steel liner, fitted as standard, covers the 15 mm PVC floor insulator - Food grade PVC outside, stainless steel 304 inside Technology - Airtight closure of the door - Reinforced insulation (polyurethane foam 43kg/m3) - LED lighting They fulfil 4 functions Fast positive cooling → from +65° to +10° Fast negative cooling → from +65° to -18° Blast freezing cycle → from +25° to -18° Automatic revert to conservation mode at the end of each cycle, for a maximum duration of 8 hours. 2 mm thick inner stainless steel protection layer against possible rack shocks. The electromechanical control manages 3 cycles (quick positive cooling, quick negative cooling and blast freezing mode). - A robust chamber, durable over time. - Save time and space with this 3-in-1 freezer. - Reduces the operating cost of each of your equipments thanks to energy savings.