CFI Deep Freezer Conserver Blue Chef

CFI Deep Freezer Conserver Blue Chef

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DEEP FREEZERS – CONSERVERS - BLUE CHEF* CSCs are conservative deep-freezers designed to receive trays or grids, and store products at -20°C and freeze at -38°C. All CSC models are composed of a CSU-type blast-freezing unit combined with a conservation unit with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 compartments. Size CSC BLUE CHEF – trays or grids, entry 600m : 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 gates. Design - PVC exterior, stainless steel 304 interior - Sleek design, easy to clean - Reinforced stainless steel handle with key lock - Robust metal hinges - Easy access for maintenance, without tools Technology - SCROLL refrigeration unit - 42kg/m3 polyurethane foam insulated panels - H.T.A. group (High ambient temperature, +43°C max.) Content - 600x400mm trays or grids - Deep freezing capacity: 15 levels (60mm spacing) or 12 levels (75mm spacing), adjustable every 15mm - Conservation capacity: 10 levels per door (75mm spacing) as standard or 12 levels (60mm spacing), adjustable every 15mm Advantages - Capable of freezing up to 40kg of product from +25°C to - -18°C in one hour - Insulated panels in polyurethane foam 42kg/ m3, high pressure, thickness 110mm, with baffle joints for a perfect seal - Assembly of the panels by eccentric hooks - PVC coating outside, stainless steel 304 inside - SOFT FLOW air flow, specific for ready-to-sell pastries - SCROLL refrigeration unit, silent - H.T.A. group. (High ambient temperature, +43°C max.) - Freezing cycle timed or by probe. - Side or rear condensate drain - Compact evaporator with cataphoresis treated battery - Easy-to-use V-TOUCH touch control - Complete and easy to use - Modular, its different configurations allow it to adapt to different locations and production flows - BLUE CHEF includes two pieces of equipment in the same frame, facilitating the respect of the cold chain - Reduces the operating cost of each of your appliances thanks to energy savings