Belshaw HI24F Icer

Belshaw HI24F Icer

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HI24F ICER Quickly applies icing to an entire screen of 25 to 36 donuts. Upgraded in 2022 for improved efficiency and ergonomics. The HI24F high production icer comes into its own when you are icing a lot of donuts! A screen full of donuts takes less than a minute to load onto the icer, coat with icing, and place back on a rack. Because of its efficiency, the HI24F is frequently used in large bakeries, where you can find 5 or more working together - one with vanilla icing, one with chocolate, another with strawberry, maple, etc. The icer replicates the upside down dipping motion of icing by hand, and with a little practice and care produces a clean finish. The icing is heated from underneath by a Heating Panel which transfers heat to the Icing Pan, which holds the icing. Heat is regulated by an electronic temperature controller. Temperature is measured by a temperature probe which is can be inserted anywhere. HI24F icer is compatible with Century C6-24, C10-24 and C14-24 systems. 2022 UPGRADES New front panel provides bump protection & easier access. The hinged front panel protects the icer’s controls and makes swapping icing pans easier and faster. Redesigned lift mechanism requires minimal effort. The lift handle is ergonomically placed and the mechanism operates smoothly every time. Reversible Lift Handle can be placed on either side - or both sides. Enables 1 person to work between 2 icers and operate them both more efficiently. New drip tray accessory, keeps drips off the floor (optional). Easier to load, unload & clean. The heating panel and icing pan are locked in position while in use. The icing pans are quick to insert and remove. The heating panels can be removed quickly when cleaning.


Part # hi24-0006Extra icing pan
Part # hi24-1300Extra heating panel (120 Volts)
Part # hi24-1300-240Extra heating panel (208-240 Volts)
Part # hi24-1510Drip Tray
Part # hi18-1507Extra Lift Handle, for double sided use
CompatibilityWorldwide, 120 Volts or 208-240 Volts
Certified toUL, NSF, CSA, CE