Belshaw Type B Cake Donuts

Belshaw Type B Cake Donuts

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Hand-crank depositor, used by many of the world's donut shops! Belshaw Type B depositors are known for their precision and smoothness of operation. Identical shape and volume are produced with every deposit. The service life of a Type B depositor is frequently measured in decades. Because of this, Type B depositors can be found in the majority of all donut shops! In order to deposit cake donuts, you will need: Plunger - You need at least one Plunger. Plungers are available for Ring donuts, Sticks, 'Old Fashioned', Crullers, Krinkles (Pon de ring), and more. 6 standard sizes are available. Cylinder - You need at least one Cylinder. The cylinder must be the same size as your Plunger. If you have two Plungers of the same size, you can use the same cylinder. Mounting Kit - Type F can be attached to most floor-standing fryers using a Column Mount bolted to the fryer. For other situations, Type F can be secured to a wall behind the fryer, with our Wall Mounting Kit.


Item # b0001000Type B Cake Donut Depositor with hopper (plunger and cylinder purchased separately)
Deposits per minute60 to 100
Deposit sizeAdjustable from small to large by turning the dial
Hopper capacity15 lbs (7 kg)
Part # 0405Column Mount for Type B or.Type F
Part # 0406Wall Mount for Type B or.Type F
CertificationsNSF-169, CE