Belshaw Donut Robot Mark II (Gas)

Belshaw Donut Robot Mark II (Gas)

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GOT QUESTIONS? Check out our FAQ page for more information. DONUT ROBOT® MARK II (GAS) Automatic fryer for standard size donuts, with an option for mini donuts. Capacity 30 dozen/hour, gas heated. Mark II Gas runs on gas fuel to heat the shortening and minimal electricity to run the conveyor and cutter head. With the mini donut option, you can make both full size and mini donuts. The Mark II Gas is compatible with Donut Robot® Mark II Gas systems. While the fryer works, you can take care of other business! There's no easier, more dependable way to make donuts. With this automated fryer, there is no standing over the fryer, or flipping donuts with sticks, and no lifting screens in and out of the shortening. Donuts are deposited, fried and dispensed automatically for sugaring, icing or glazing. With a Donut Robot® you can make donuts in a back room, or right in front of customers! - Thermostat heat control. - Automatically deposits 2 donuts per conveyor row. - 'Half-speed' switch available for depositing 1 donut per conveyor row. - 'Plain' plunger, 1-9/16" diameter (39.7 mm), makes ring donuts - Makes excellent 'Old Fashion' donuts, with Old Fashion mix - Makes great mini donuts, with Mini Donut Hopper and Plunger option - Makes raised donuts with Mark II Gas Cake and Yeast Raised System - Conveyor bars guide donuts in rows 3¾ inches center-to-center (95 mm). - Hopper holds 10 lbs batter (4.5 kg). Hopper volume = 10 quart (9.5 liter). - Depositor can be adjusted for smaller or larger donuts using simple dial. - Adjustable frying time from 60 to 300 seconds. - Normally requires a ventilation and fire suppression hood indoors - Cannot be used with Insider Ventless system. (Use electric Mark II instead) - Mini donut hopper/plunger kit (Item# MK-1502-1). For depositing 4 mini donuts per conveyor row. Changeover takes less than one minute. Max production is approximately 944 per hour (79 dozen). - Filtration. Choose Filter-Flo siphon for extracting and filtering shortening. - Shortening reserve tank. Enables you to easily insert shortening as needed. - RS Roller-Submerger system. Enables automated production of ball donuts, cake donut holes, or loukoumades about 1½ inches/38 mm in diameter, with even frying and color.


Type of donutRing donuts, 'Old Fashion' donuts
Donut sizeUp to 3⅜" (86 mm)
Capacity354 per hour (30 dozen) @120 seconds frying time
GasNatural Gas OR Liquid Propane, 35,000 BTU
Power (for conveyor and depositor)120V or 240V, 0.36 KW
Certification (natural gas models)NSF-169
Certification (propane models)NSF-169, ANSI Z83.11-2016, CSA 1.8-2016
Certification (ce)Not certified