Edhard Power Base PS-Series

Edhard Power Base PS-Series

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The PS-Series power base offers the same reliability and maintenance-free design as the P-Series with the same controls and operating functions. The added benefit of the PS-Series power base is its 1/8 hp motor. The availability of higher power broadens the range of products that it can dispense. It is best suited for use with FHP-Series, FS-Series and RP-Series filler units. Normal Cycle: The amount of product to be dispensed can be preset at the digital keypad. As the trip arm is pressed, the unit will cycle once to dispense the preset amount, then stop and reverse. Reverse: The reverse is needed to pull product back after a dispensing cycle is completed, which prevents dripping. Reverse can be adjusted to meet specific requirements. Automatic Cycle: This function eliminates the need to continually press the trip arm during multi-cycle applications. In ths function, the amount dispensed and waiting time can be set to suit a specific need. Automatic cycling eliminates operator fatigue and improves productivity in repetetive, long-running jobs. Continuous Dispensing: When selecting this function, the operator or a remote-triggering device, such as a photoelectric switch, determines the start and stop of the pumping action. This function is useful when a continuous stream of product is deposited on a conveyor or manually via a hose attachment. All power bases can be triggered manually by a trigger switch (standard on P, PS, PV and PT power bases), our foot switch or hose assembly (accessories), or your own photoelectric switch.