Bertrand Puma Twin Arm Mixer Abyss

Bertrand Puma Twin Arm Mixer Abyss

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ABYSS twin-arm mixers perfectly reproduce the artisan’s gesture by gently kneading all types of dough — from the most hydrated to the most complex — for optimal oxygenation without overheating. - Full touch control: A manual mode allows you to adjust the speed at any time thanks to the speed variator to adapt to the type of dough. An automatic mode works on a recipe basis so that you do not need to intervene during mixing. - Stop flour dust : a transparent cover protects the baker from accidental inhalation of flour dust while providing good visibility of the preparation. A trapdoor allows the insertion of ingredients during the mixing process. - the ventilation, integrated in an aesthetic way, allows to always maintain the right degree of humidity in the tank. - Ergonomic : In order to reduce the strenuousness associated with de-vatting and cleaning operations, ABYSS has been designed with an ergonomic tank height of 1 meter to improve the working comfort of bakers every day. - Easy cleaning : To further facilitate the operator’s task, a mechanical device ensures that the arms always stop in the « opened » position whenever the equipment stops, thus giving better access for emptying or cleaning the tank. - Robust : The sturdy stainless steel tank rests on a reinforced base capable of withstanding all mechanical stresses generated during mixing. The equipments of the ABYSS range are twin-arm mixers that reproduces the baker’s ancestral manual gesture. Ideal for all types of dough, even the most hydrated or delicate, ABYSS allows the dough to be oxygenated without raising the temperature, thus favoring the development of the glutinous network and guaranteeing an optimal quality of the finished product. ABYSS is available in 4 models, with a dough capacity ranging from 3 to 140kg.


ManufacturerBertrand Puma